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 SFR-GTA Server Rules

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PostSubject: SFR-GTA Server Rules   SFR-GTA Server Rules Icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 7:28 pm

SFR-GTA Server Rules 23jfjm
Server Rules

  1. Do not ask to be an admin
    The most annoying thing you can do is request to be an admin / moderator. There's no chance of you ever becoming one if you ask.
  2. Do not impersonate admins
    Impersonating an administrator is a serious offense. You will be banned for pretending to be an administrator if you do it on SFR. Furthermore, if you play on another server using the name of an SFR administrator, you will be banned if you claim to be an SFR administrator and are caught.
  3. Do not hack
    Using hacks or external programs to gain an advantage in the game is not allowed. This does not include things like hotkey programs. However, programs which automate movement, circumvent AFK detection, or modify the game ( hacks ) will result in a ban. It's unlikely if you are banned for using such programs that you will ever be unbanned.
  4. Do not exploit
    Exploiting loopholes or bugs in the script is not to be tolerated. Such bugs should be reported immediately. Failure to report bugs, and especially sharing with others those bugs, will be an instant warning and possible ban.
  5. Do not log to avoid consequence
    Disconnecting from the game to avoid being killed, arrested, punished by admins, or further penalties is strictly against the rules. Falsifying a crash falls under this category, too. A warning will result.
  6. Do not shoot from driver-less vehicles
    Shooting from a vehicle with no driver is a game exploit. The vehicle cannot take damage and thus cannot explode. You will receive a warning.
  7. No vehicular assault
    Using vehicles to incapacitate or kill other players is unfair. It provides no chance to the victim to fight back. This means carparking, blade killing with helicopters and plane bombing, don't do it. If, however, you accidentally kill somebody with your vehicle, just be a nice person and reimburse them for their loss.

    FURTHERMORE: Any use of vehicles for terroristic purposes is STRICTLY prohibited. This means flying planes into buildings etc. These actions will result in an instant ban and you will never be unbanned.
  8. Do not ninja-jack
    You will be warned if you carjack somebody and they magically die in the process.
  9. Do not exploit lag
    Do not run around like an idiot to avoid being hit or shot. Also known as chicken-running.
  10. No exploiting of interiors.
    Do not run in and out of interiors repeatedly to avoid being shot. Do not use broken/bugged interiors/objects to hide or avoid being hurt.
  11. No animation exploits
    Do not exploit animation to exit situations, skip weapon reloading, fire weapons faster, or to gain any other unfair advantage.
  12. No unfair eluding
    Eluding in water or air for more than a few minutes is not allowed. Eluding in the train is not allowed.
  13. No account farming
    Transferring money or items between accounts owned by the same person, or hoarding funds from friends' accounts, is a bannable offense.
  14. Do not share accounts
    Sharing accounts is a bannable offense. All IPs of the account in question will be banned.
  15. Scamming
    Scamming is allowed as long as it is done IC to a player of at least level 3.
  16. No deathmatching
    Killing without a reason is deathmatching. If you have a conflict with a player, roleplay the situation out. Constantly killing the other player will not solve anything and may cause you to be warned.

    This does not apply to conflicts between gangs. Law enforcement are not gangs. Deathmatching LEOs will result in a warning and possible incarceration.
  17. No metagaming
    Do not use knowledge gained outside of the game or from alternate characters to gain an advantage in game.
  18. Do not powergame
    Do not force roleplay upon other players or otherwise try to roleplay impossible scenarios.
  19. No server advertising
    Do not advertise for a server on SFR, nor for SFR on another server. In both cases you will be banned.
  20. Do not spam
    Spamming chat or commands for any reason can result in a warning, depending on circumstances. Accidentally pressing keybinds and being kicked from the server will not be warnable unless you spam this way more than once.
  21. Speak English
    This is an English server and should be treated as such. In all public chat channels, English should be spoken. If you want to speak your zottenpraat privately, feel free to do so.
  22. Obey admins
    Admins' words are law. No matter what these rules say, whatever an admin dictates overrules them.
  23. Don't be an ass
    If you're being a rude ass towards admins or players, you may be warned or banned. This includes racism. I don't care if you roleplay a member of the Ku Klux Klan or The Black Panthers in character, but OOC racism is not permitted. This is a game and we are all here to have fun.
  24. Respect
    You will not say any disparaging remarks about the USA. I will ban you forever. If you don't like it, feel free to go play on some shitty Romanian server. Disrespecting an admin or moderator is an automatic ban.
  25. Use a roleplay name
    Player names should be in First_Last name format. The only people who are allowed to use single names are head administrators. Furthermore the use of names of terrorists or any other person who is known to be anti-American is not allowed and you will be immediately banned.

    If your name is formatted incorrectly, a moderator / admin will offer you a free namechange. If you refuse or ignore this offer, your name will be changed anyway - and you won't like it.

* If you receive two warnings for the same thing, you will be banned.


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SFR-GTA Server Rules
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