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 [TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes

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[TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes   [TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 2:25 pm

Quick tut for ppl who want to add rare cars to spawn as traffic or customize which car you want your gang to drive.

Open your vehicles.IDE file with notepad in dat directory of San Andreas.

You see the long list of all the vehciles in the game. Search which vehciles you want to spawn as traffic.

Lets do the quad, FBI Truck, and SWAT tank.

Skip down until u see the name "quad" scan to the right of it to the column called Class. In the class column of quad, it already says normal, so thats good. They column to right of Class is the FRQ column, or frequent. Ist basicly the frequency of the vehciles, how often does it spawn.

In this case, the quad has a 4 value for FRQ, change that to 10. Open your cargrp.DAT file with notepad. In this file, the list of the car groups are horizontal, from left to right. The title of the group is at the far right, or end of the group list. This is where is says which vechiles is driven by what group of ppl. Find the group called:
The last vehciles in that group should be petro, add a comma after petro and space once. write quad for the quad bike and make save. Done and donner.

Remeber each vehciles has a certain codename, like Swat Tank has swatvan. Follow the same tut for fbitruck and swatvan as the quad. Remeber, when a vehcile's class column says ignore instead of worker or normal, and you want it to spawn in traffic, erase it and type in one of the following:
-motorcycle (for motorbikes)
theres taxi if u feel creative and want the vehciles to be a taxi with a taxi driver and stuff.

If u want realistic, for dozer, for class type worker, frq as 10, put in

So u can put worker vehciles to spawn in worker areas and same for others.

Now to make your own gang drive around in rare cars or any car, make sure the car is already modified in vehciles.IDE file.

Now in cargrp.dat file and go down to (on right side) and go to Gang 2 column, your gang, now go to left of gang 2 and after voodoo add a comma, space once and type what car you want your gang to drive, I wrote quad [TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes Tounge You can add multiple new gang cars.


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[TUT] Editing Traffic Attributes
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