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 [TUT] How To Install SA PC Mods on XBOX

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PostSubject: [TUT] How To Install SA PC Mods on XBOX   Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:27 pm

This tutorial will teach you how to insert custom vehicles in San Andreas converted from PC. This is really easy to do!

What you will need:
Txd Workshop 3.5
IMG Tool
A modded xbox with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the HDD.

Ok, let's get started.

1. Download a car of your choice, I am using the Hummer H2 by Greengiant, Puddingpanzer.

2. Open up the landstal.txd in txdworkshop, is should look like this:

Then hit save.

3. Open up gta3.img (GTA SA/Models/gta3.img) with the IMG Tool and hit f2 (find) and find the landstal.txd and landstal.dff, select landstal.txd, right click and select replace. Do the same for landstal.dff. Then go commands -> rebuild archive.

4. Open handling.cfg (GTA SA/Data/handling.cfg) and replace the landstal line with the one usually provided in the readme. Save.

5. Then open carcols.dat (GTA SA/Data/carcols.dat) and replace the landstal line with the one usually provided in the readme. Save.

6. Now ftp into your xbox and search where gta is stored on the HDD.
Then replace : handling.cfg (GTA SA/Data/handling.cfg), carcols.dat (GTA SA/Data/carcols.dat) and gta3.img (GTA SA/models/gta3.img).

Clear your cache (x,y,z) an boot up San Andreas with your new cars!

Tutorial written fully by Zdemon, this is original. Ask permission before posting this on your site.

I also believe that this is the first tutorial ever on explaining on how to do it.

Hope this helps to all you xbox users out there!


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[TUT] How To Install SA PC Mods on XBOX
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