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 [TUT] Carcols Editing

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PostSubject: [TUT] Carcols Editing   [TUT] Carcols Editing Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 2:29 pm

Well,I decided to do a quick tutorial for carcols.dat editing...

Part 1
Carcols.dat (Program files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/data/) manages vehicles' colors.It can be edited by text editors like Notepad.Once you open it,you'll see something like this:

0,0,0 # 0 black black

that mean 0=Red,0=Green,0=Blue
# 0 black=color id name
black=hue I think

So,it uses RGB scale.Here you can find a list of most used colors (see the RGB Value column).

Example:I want to change this color
[TUT] Carcols Editing

to this one

[TUT] Carcols Editing

Now,I search for 4th color (ID 3,because they start from 0) and I change its value from this

to this


Close and save it.

Part 2

If you scroll down you'll see something like this:

admiral, 34,34, 35,35, 37,37, 39,39, 41,41, 43,43, 45,45, 47,47
Well,it means it's an Admiral,and it has 1/8 of chances to being the 34th colour,another 1/8 to being the 35th etc...So it could be something like:

carmodelname, color1,color1, color2,color2, color3,color3 etc...

For two-colours cars (like Cops,Ambulance,etc) it's a bit different.Infact,they have only one chance to be two colours.Let's see LS Cop Car (copcarla):

copcarla, 0,1
It means it has one chance to being black and white (0=black color ID,1=white color ID).Don't add more chances to these ones,they may crash!

This little tutorial finished for the moment,but there are some things you gotta know:

  • colours are 126.They're used with street's cars,but only 64 are used for garages.
  • may you can edit it while game is running,without crash.
  • you can change colors' name as you want.
That's all!I wanna thank Automan for 2nd part helping!

PS:Sorry for my really bad english [TUT] Carcols Editing Smile


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[TUT] Carcols Editing
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