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 [TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp

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[TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp   [TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 2:39 pm

UV MAPPING / Texturing
I use this little program called "Lith Unwarp" to UV Map my objects..
(Thanks for some finnish guy who made great tutorial about using this program!)
Download the program Here
1. Start LithUnwarp program!
Then go File --> Model --> Open...
Open your model file!
The whole idea first is to "scale" your object's uv map "inside" of that dark gray box in the middle!
now, select Zoom too..
You can Zoom with it by draging the blue background..
Zoom out, so you can see the white UV Map lines..
Take "Select tool" from the tool box.
Then Select every white line that you can see! you can also drag them from place to place with your mouse!
Lines are too big so they have to be scaled down to fit in the "dark gray box"
First you can scale them with Arbitary scaleing tool.. Click " 0.5x " button few times..
When you think its small enough you can close the Arbitary Scaleing tool and select Zoom tool to view it closer!
Still it doesnt fit in the box but you can now move it there!
To get it fit in, you can use Free Scaleing tool!
Scale the object by "draging the little corner boxes"
Now it seems to fit there perfectly!
Its time to get rid of that "messy line pile" and have something understandably there..
Here we are using "Box mapping" style.. it can be done with many other style too!
Its time to save the UV Map picture / texture!
Use the same name as you did use for the model!
It will ask image dimensions.. 512 and 1024 are good..
Then, just open that UV map (.bmp) file in some image editor and edit it with the way you like..
If you want to see your object before saveing it, do this:
Then open the preview window..
and here you have, UV Mapped object! ( black areas are something i left there for purpose)
When you are done with UV mapping, remember to save your model!


[TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp I1jk9g
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[TUT] UV Mapping/Texturing with Lith Unwarp
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