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 [TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA

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[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Empty
PostSubject: [TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA   [TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 2:42 pm

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Suog3
Using Sketchup models in SA

First step, you may want to model something.
Some details you should have in attention:

- Store the .skp model and .bmp textures in the same folder.
- The names of the .bmp's should be below 8/6 characters( not sure on the limit ).
- Everytime you create a new texture in Sketchup give it the name of the .bmp if not Sketchup will create one with
another name and then the other programs can't find it.
- Keep your model around 400/500 polys, most of the time when Sketchup exports your model to .3ds it will double
the poly count.

1 - Ok, now with our model finished. Open the Paint bucket>In model, and make sure there's only texture your
using and the correct names.

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut

2 - Now go to Export>3dmodel and click on the options button. Make sure you have this settings like in
the pic below:

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut2

Save the .3ds in your model's folder. I'll be using seinfeld.3ds.

3- Now open 3d max ( I'm using 7). Goto File>Import and import your .3ds.

A popup will appear, Choose these settings and click Ok.

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut3

Another one will , click No.
At this point you may check if all the textures are in the correct places.

4 - Click on the Select and Move tool on the top. [TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut4
Make sure that in the bottom your model's coordinates are all at 0.0

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut5

and change the name from model to the name you using.

5- Right click on the model: Convert to> and convert it to a editable mesh.

Now you will need Kam's scripts, you can get it here. ( Link from wauzie's topic).

Open DFF IO ( All version ), open the export dff settings and select this:

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut6

Export your .dff as seinfeld.dff ( the name I'm using ).

6 - Now goto MAXScript>Run script and choose the

Below the replace button write your model name ( seinfeld ). Open the Surface parameters and
do Set Surface and the Create Boundigs, save your .col and close max.

7 - Now you need to create a .txd for the model, use Delfi's TXDWorkshop, I'm using version 3.7 and I have no
errors like the progressbar one.

Now goto File>New and create a 32bits texture. You will need to creat one of these for each one
of the textures your model have.

Double click on the "32 bit image". Now, on the name write the name of your texture. e.g: If is pic.png write pic.
Click on compressed and click Ok. Repeat the process for each texture you got.

Save it as seinfeld.txd (..).

8 - Open your gta3.img with Spooky's ImgTool 2. You can get it here.

Do Commands>Add, and add one file at each time. Then Commands>Rebuild Archive.
Close the Imgtool.

open your SA's data folder and open gta.dat.

Find Object types, and below the last IDE line write:


IDE DATAMAPSlot1seinfeld.ide

seinfeld and lot1 are just names I'm using.

Search SPLASH loadsc2 and do the same below the last IPL line:


IPL DATAMAPSlot1seinfeld.ipl

Save it. Open your maps folders and create a 'lot1' folder.
Inside that folder create a seinfeld.ide and a seinfeld.ipl.

Open the seinfeld.ide and put this there:


8028, seinfeld, seinfeld, 250, 128

I'll be using 8028, you have to find a free id. Save it.

Open the seinfeld.ide and put this there:


# IPL generated from Max file countn2.max
8028, seinfeld, 0, 1680.37, 1861, 12.4, 0, 0, 0.69466, -0.719338, -1

8028 - id
seinfeld - your dff
0 - if is interior or not.
1680.37 - X
1861 - Y
12.4 - Z
0, 0, 0.69466, -0.719338 - rotation
-1 - no lod

Save it. Now test it in game, you may want to see it first in the mapper. You can get MED at gtagarage.

[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA Tut7


[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA I1jk9g
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[TUT] Using Sketchup Buildings in SA
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